Thursday, April 26, 2012

KBShimmer — Robin

 Hello lovelies!

Today I have a polish from the indie brand KBShimmer. KBShimmer also makes artisan soaps, bath bombs, sugar scrubs, lip scrubs, butters and lotions, etc. I haven't tried any of their body stuff before but one day I do plan on ordering some to try!

I am sharing one of the three polishes I purchased from them.  

Robin is a light blue (almost periwinkle) shimmer / metallic based polish with fuchsia, purple, green, silver, and teal holographic glitters. Speckled to resemble a Robin's egg.

This was not a fun polish to photograph! I could not for anything get this to be color accurate. :/

To be completely honest, I wasn't that happy with this polish. The finish wasn't what I was expecting and the formula was not good. It was really thick / gloopy and dried SO SO fast I couldn't even spread it out completely before it started drying. Now I love a quick-dry polish but that was TOO fast. Maybe if I tried using a thinner, it would have been better but meh. I don't think I care for the frosty/shimmer finish covering the pieces of glitter either. If it were a jelly or more sheer base I probably would have liked it more.

It's still a pretty polish, but like I said, I was just disappointed with it. Someone else may love it to bits! Who knows.

KBShimmer's polishes sell for $7.50 in their Etsy store, which the currently don't have any up. Not sure when they're restocking. They have some great colors and I'm still excited to try the other two polishes I bought from them.

Until next time, lovelies~

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