Friday, April 13, 2012

Haul post!

Happy Friday the 13th!! Bwhaha. :P

Yet another haul for you guys. It'll probably be the last big one for a while. I have had to pull back the reigns on my spending because I have bought over 30 polishes in the last few weeks and my wallet is crying right now. Lol.

First up is Nailventurous polishes. I managed to snag these 4 that I wanted in record time before everything sold out.

L-R: Flying Blue Jay, Magpie Feathers, Robin Laid An Egg, Rainbow Fish

Next is Nostalgic Lacquer. I kept missing the restock so Erin kindly did an order for me so I got these 4. I plan on ordering some others from her soon as well. :)
L-R: Rayanne, Jordan, Underground, Riot

Lacquistry went on sale as well and I landed these 5. I had to stop myself.
L-R: Winter No. 1, Tepes, Paean of the Bells, Autumn Flurries, Frosty Marrow

These 3 little lovelies from Pretty & Polished.
L-R: Midnight Rider, Bubble Tear, Jawbreaker

Nerd Lacquers!! I managed to snag the one I wanted most which I shared with you guys already. I still have several that I want from her. Oh it's so hard to settle with a few!
L-R: All of Time and Space, Home of the Untempered Schism, I Think You Call Me...Sexy, Don't Blink

Next are a few things I caught on sale at Rite Aid.
L-R: Scherer Calypso, Scherer Blue Sky, Petites Zodiac

And that's that! Unfortunately most of the indie shops are closed right now but I know at least a few of them are due for restocking soon. You just have to keep checkin' 'em out! :)

Until next time, my dears~ :)

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