Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Nail mail & haul post!

I know I said in my last haul post that I wouldn't have another big haul post for a while, well I got my second nail mail from the lovely Vanessa of Confessions of a Polishaholic and I just had to share!

 She sent me a ton of Bettina polishes, which are a brand native to Puerto Rico. They are fantastic!

First up is the Flori collection.
L-R: Magnolia, Orchidea, Ortensia

L-R: Tulipani, Giacinto, Gladiola

Jeans Collection
L-R: Sand Blast, Vintage, Indigo

L-R: Gems Amethyst, Resort Flip Flops, Resort Pink Bikini

L-R: Bettina Matte, Glamour Allure, Festive, Art Deco Aqua

L-R: Hard Candy Beetle & Matte-ly In Love

L-R: Sally Hansen Pacific Blue, Rockstar Pink, Essie Barefoot in Blue
She so sweetly sent me Barefoot in Blue since she ended up with 2 when they did the Toms giveaway. I completely forgot to enter in to win!

L-R: OPI DS Temptation, OPI Rainbow Connection
She also sent me a bunch of delicious candies which I have been slowly devouring this past weekend. Lol.

When I was shopping for nail mail to send to Vanessa, I picked up these two for myself. Lol. I couldn't resist!

L-R: Spoiled Use Protection, Spoiled Shuffle the Deck

Then I cheated and bought some indie polishes from 2 lovely indie polish makers. >.>

KBShimmer is an indie polish makers who also specializes in artisan soaps, 
bath bombs, sugar scrubs, and more. Check them out!
L-R: Newsprint, Robin, Lilac Dreams
 Whimsical Ideas by Pam is another indie polish maker. You can order from her through her Facebook page and you can also check her page to see what polishes she's currently offering.
L-R: Hatched, Seuss, Kismet's Pajamas

And that is all for now!  

I apologize for not posting much this week but I have been SOO busy with RL and work and I've just been worn out! I do have some things that I need to edit and get posted so hopefully expect a couple of posts to come this week. I'm not sure I'll be posting 3 times a week like I was before but definitely expect to have more than one update (hopefully) a week. I definitely have enough polish to keep me busy for a while. Heheh.

Until next time~ :)

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