About Me

Hiiiii! My name is Ashleigh and I'm a 25 year old girl from south Louisiana. I got into nail polish about 2 years ago but only recently have I really started collecting and swatching and getting into nail art. Right now I only have about 158 polishes(!!) but that does grow pretty much weekly. I don't think I could spare the room for those that have thousands, but hey! it'd be nice to one day. Hehe.

I currently work in a salon as a receptionist so sometimes I get the hook-up with new collections, but not always. I have a sun conure named Sunny who is my baby. I've had him for close to 16 years now. We also have a somewhat newly adopted (Oct. 2011) cat named Caine, who is precious and whiney. Heh.

I'm a former photography major and love pretty much all things photography related and art related. I want to travel the world and capture all its beauty in photos.

Other than that, I still live with my parents and have an awesome boyfriend. In my free time, I like to explore and hang out with friends and go hiking and various other fun things. :)

Now that you've had enough of that, on to the blog!