Sunday, February 26, 2012

WonderBeautyProducts — Rhinestones and Pearls

Hello you guys!  Today I have a lovely polish from WonderBeautyProducts called Rhinestones and Pearls. I came across her work just searching Etsy for nail polish. This polish was one of many that came up on my search and I was just captivated at how glamorous this polish was.

The below photo is 2 coats of Rhinestones and Pearls over 3 coats of OPI What's With the Cattitude?

Artificial light, no flash.

The concept behind these polishes is that the fully concentrated colour is in a jar all on it's own that you are able to stir up before you apply the polish, so you don't have to go "fishing" for glitter in what is usually a regular polish bottle. The idea is very unique and it is a lot easier to pick up the heavier glitters, but I do see a downside to this. You have to stir the polish after a bit while applying because the glitter does start to settle. And you also have two bottles in front of you to deal with instead of just the one.

Despite all this, this particular polish is beautiful. It's very bridal and glam and personally the two jars/bottles doesn't bother me at all. Application was very good with this. I really only needed one coat layered but I did two just because I wanted a bit more glitter on the nail.

The two bottles: fusion on top, concentrate on bottom.

The WonderBeautyProducts polishes retail for $10USD and she has several to choose from. You can purchase them directly from their Etsy store. Shipping was very quick for my order.

Until next time~ :)

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