Thursday, February 23, 2012

TonyMoly ­­­­‒ Mars

Another quick post. Mardi Gras is over and thankfully I did not completely destroy my nails when I rode on Fat Tuesday. I did file them down so they aren't as long as they were, but I know if I would have kept them long I would have broken every single one of them on the ride.

Anyway! Today I have a lovely Korean brand polish from Tony Moly called GT03 Mars. It's from their Galaxy Collection. If you don't know me, I happen to love Korea and pretty much everything associated with that country and culture. I listen to Kpop, watch dramas, follow the music shows, and boybands, etc.; I even tried studying the language for a while. It is a dream of mine to be able to visit Seoul in the distant future. (How distant, that's another story.) I digress! 

I came across this brand in the lovely nail blogsphere. I don't remember where I first saw these but it may have been Michelle at ALU. Of course I wanted the entire collection this is from but my wallet does not always agree with my hoarding. Hehe.

Mars is a brown base packed with copper, brown, orange/amber glitter. And maybe a few other colours in there. It's hard to tell but this is a gorgeous colour. It definitely eats top coat like crazy so you might want to add a coat of Gelous and then use a quick-dry top coat like SecheVite but that's all up to you!

Indirect sunlight from window.

Out of focus in direct sunlight.

Direct sunlight.


You can pick this polish up from the ebay seller I got mine from. They're $10USD each but the shipping is free and mine didn't take long to come in at all. I guess it depends on if you catch the seller in the US or in South Korea. The seller and listing is hsckoreanimports and you can find it here. Hopefully that link will continue to work.

Hope you guys enjoy this. I'll try to get back into posting regularly but it's just so hard with everything going on in RL right now. I'm starting a new job next week so things are going to get hectic again!

Until next time~ :)

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