Saturday, February 4, 2012

Barielle - Buddha-ful

Barielle Buddha-ful

Buddha-ful is a pink/beige sheer base with blue-green flakies. Not sure if I have an older version but the Barielle website describes Buddha-ful as a "beige with soft baby pink / blue / light grey foil" — whatever that means.

I layered two coats of this over a China Glaze pink that I got for Breast Cancer Awareness (it was a two pack with Seche Vite) at Sally Beauty Supply called Go Go Pink. My base was a bit draggy so that's where those horrible spots come from. I'm usually not into colours like this but I think for a soft, feminine manicure, this works wonderfully.

Buddha-ful would probably look good layered over a darker or brighter colour too, but the milky base would definitely deflect away from the base colour. Formula wise this is a really good polish. The flakies aren't too dense but they aren't too sparse either.

I'll definitely be trying this polish again in the future.

Until next time~ :)

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