Thursday, February 16, 2012

a england - Princess Tears

Today I have a beautiful gem for you guys. A England put out their new collection called The Legends recently. I had the fortune of being able to place an order with Llarowe and picked up 5 of the 7 in this collection. I'll most likely go back for the other 2 soon as well.

Princess Tears is a beautiful lilac holographic polish with a slight duochrome. It flashes pinky-purple in certain light. 

"As the twin lilac trails of tears stream with an incandescent glow down our doomed heroine's face, they are made even more poignant by luminous grey/ green flashes." - a-england website

In direct sunlight, you can see the holographic beauty of this polish.

 In the shade it just looks like a lilac glitter/shimmer. 
Unfortunately I couldn't capture the duochrome.

Again in the sun you can see a bit of the holographic come out 
but also the true colour of this polish.

Formula on this polish is absolutely perfect. I got full coverage in 2 thin coats. It was a dream to work with. This polish goes where you want it to. I barely had any clean up to do on this manicure. I cannot rave enough about how much I loved this polish. Heh.

A England polishes can be purchased from their website for £9.00 each or from Llarowe for $12.00 each. The bottles are 13ml.

Also sorry for the pictures! I actually took these with my phone camera since my DSLR is still acting insane.

Until next time~ :)

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