Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Essence - Polka Dots

Sorry I haven't posted in forever. I've been quite sick for the last two weeks. I found out I have mono (eeek!) but thankfully I only had a very mild form of it and was able to fight it off without going to the hospital. Now I'm just reeling from the antibiotics I was on during the time since those are making me feel sick now too. :/ I just can't catch a break!


Today we have a mani I did last weekend. I was originally going to alternate colours on all fingers but since I wasn't feeling 100% I just did an accent nail. It came out pretty okay. I find that when I do smaller dots my polka dots come out so much better than the bigger ones. I also had a lot of flyaways since my polish was drying really fast and was getting stringy while I was dotting.

Colours used were:
Essence Break Through

Essence Enchanted Fairy

Formula on both of these was very good. Only 2 thin coats were used to full opacity. I thought I'd need more with Enchanted Fairy since it's such a light colour, but nope, just 2 coats.

I then used the number 4 Osaka dotting tool to dot the alternating colour on my fingers. I need to learn to do this better though. Sometimes I do my dots really well and other times I don't. Lol. Practice only makes perfect though!

Anyway, I hope to have more posts coming soon. Just being sick and I have a new job starting up soon which will probably take up a lot of my time, but I will try to at least get 1-2 posts out a week. Lord knows I have enough polish to keep me going for a while!

Until next time~ :)

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