Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Manicure!

Happy Valentine's Day! Whether you celebrate it or not, every day is a day that you should express love to your significant other and/or family and friends. :) I have a little manicure that I did in celebration of this day of love. It didn't come out exactly as I wanted it to but I liked it well enough.

My original intention was to do all my nails with the little hearts wallpaper that rebecca likes nails posted. Unfortunately, I freaked out thinking I'd need to do 5 coats of the light pink Revlon polish and decided to go with China Glaze Strawberry Fields as my main colour. My luck was that Strawberry Fields needed 3 coats too to hide VNL. -_-;;

So I went a little crazy and did some things and didn't like them and then changed them up again. But this was the final result!

It definitely doesn't have as much going on as I wanted it too. I just think they came out too plain.

Honestly, I'll probably just paint them a solid colour tonight before I go out with my boyfriend but for the day before and day of Valentine's Day this worked for me. I just wish my skills for nail art were much better than they actually are. I just have to keep practicing!

All colours used:

Revlon Pink Chiffon
China Glaze Strawberry Fields
A England Princess Tears

Now I know my pictures are not very good this time around. I am quite sad to say that I think after 7 years my beloved DSLR Holmes is finally kicking the bucket. I am having more errors with it than ever after my vacation incident  — a squall came while we were on a cruise and my bag got soaked because it was left outside with the rest of our party while I went to grab food. My camera didn't even seem to get wet at all but ever since it's been acting insane. :(((

I've been trying to save up for a new camera but DSLRs don't come cheap and I definitely want to upgrade to something more prosumer than consumer. Enough camera babbling!

I'm hoping to have another post up this week, but with how crazy things are with Mardi Gras, I'm not sure I will. Thanks for reading!

Until next time~ :)

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