Thursday, June 14, 2012

F4 Polish ­— Mint Chocolate Chip

Long time no post...

Life has been hectic. I have been battling my nails the last couple of weeks. I had so many breaks and just when I thought my pointer on my swatching hand was growing out, it broke again. -_- So I just got annoyed and chopped them down again. So I'm hoping in the next week or so they grow out enough again so I can start swatching again. My fingers look so short without my long (for me) nails.

Anyway, here is a polish from before my nail tragedies happened. F4 Polish is another great indie brand. I placed a pretty big order with them a couple of weeks back and was so excited when I got them all in! 

Mint Chocolate Chip is just that - a minty green creme base with brown micro-glitter. It looks just like the ice cream.

Application was great. 3 thin coats (+ topcoat of Seche Vite) and I had full coverage. This dried pretty fast so I didn't have any problems and the wear was fantastic. I wore it for about 4 days with just a little tip wear. 

You can purchase F4 Polish from their Etsy shop. Their polish runs $8.00 a bottle for full sized and the shop is run by three sisters so the turnaround is really fast. Definitely check them out!

Until next time~ :)

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