Friday, March 2, 2012

Nostalgic Lacquer — Duckie

 Hello lovelies! Today I have an absolutely fabulous polish for you today. 

Duckie from Nostalgic Lacquer! This is a part of the Bizarre Teenage Love Triangle collection. I did get all 3 in the collection but today I'm just showing you this one. The other two will be in their own posts. :)

Artificial light, no flash.

"Duckie is a combination of chartreuse, holographic teal, and pastel green glitters in varying sizes floating in a semi-sheer pastel teal base."

I did kind of have to mess around with some colour correcting to show the true colour but it's still not perfect. The above picture is a bit more green than this polish is in person but I was just having a time of it trying to capture the colour. It's a lovely teal/minty green though. It was a dream to work with. 3 thin layers over ORLY Gumdrop. I really didn't have any problems with the large glitters either. I didn't have to fish them out like a lot of polishes do.

And here is a picture of ORLY Gumdrop on it's own. Again the colour is not TTL, but it's close (excuse the weird skintone if you notice it).


Nostalgic Lacquer retails $9 USD each. These are full .5 fl oz bottles so no minis here. I think they are definitely well worth it. :D She's actually moving from Etsy and going to be setting up shop elsewhere, but you can check out her blog for updates.

Until next time~ :)

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