Sunday, March 4, 2012

Color Club Backstage Pass over Zoya Megan

Another oldie from January. I never got around to taking a good shot of the base colour Zoya Megan, but I did get it after I layered on Color Club Backstage Pass.

Megan is a light/medium greyed out lavender. Even though Zoya calls it "a taupe gray cream". There is nothing "taupe" about this colour. This went on like a dream. It was a bit uneven with the first coat but the second coat covered everything and it leveled out wonderfully.

Backstage Pass is a large silver and purple hex glitter with smaller silver glitter in a clear base. This was so difficult to apply and if you look close enough you can see all the billions of bubbles I got with layering this glitter. You just seem to get tons of clear base before you get any glitter. Next time I'll just pour some out on a paper and stick the glitter on by hand. Lol.

Overall a fun and funky combination. Removal of that huge glitter was a complete pain in the rear and it doesn't sit well on the nail. Though for something a bit different and full of flair for a night out, this is a pretty good choice in my opinion.

Until next time~ :)

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