Monday, March 12, 2012

A England — Princess Sabra (Tristam's Eyes)

I have another A England polish for you guys today. These pictures are unfortunately not nearly as fantastic as my ones for Dragon were, but the polish itself is still gorgeous!

Today I have Princess Sabra (Tristam's Eyes) from the A England The Legends Collection.

This is a sort of nude / beige / golden / olive holographic polish. It's beautiful and its second name came from Adina's cat Tristam who has those beautiful golden-olive eyes.

Formula on this was like butter. 2 thin coats to full opacity. I thought I would need 3 but that second coat sealed it.

All of the A England polishes I've worn so far have done amazingly well for days with no chips. I haven't worn top coat with any of them either and I can go up to 4 days with only a bit of tip wear. Granted, I change my polish so often 4 days is a long time for me! Lol.

Anyway my dears, I have a couple more A Englands to post this week, so look forward to those!

Until next time~ :)

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