Sunday, May 20, 2012

Small Haul Post!

I keep telling myself I'm going to go on a no buy but I always end up breaking that promise. OTL. At least this time it wasn't too major of a haul....

Also! It's about time but I'll be having a giveaway starting tomorrow! That's right! Check back here around 9am CDT for your chance to win! :D

First up are a few Candy Lacquer polishes! I love her labels like whoa! They're so freakin' adorable!

L-R: Sea Nymph, Cracked Ice, Block Party

All that beautiful glitter. Mmm.

Next up is Enchanted Polish! Now I only bought one because they are a bit pricey at $12 a bottle, but for holographics and how unique these colours are, I'll definitely be buying another or few more soon! :D

Enchanted Polish Dragon Spit

 HSN was having a super clearance on some Deborah Lippmann sets so I had to buy some! You can't beat $9.95 for two DL polishes! That is a steal.

L-R: Footloose, Almost Paradise, Let's Hear It For The Boy, Dancing In The Sheets

And lastly, I had been wanting to get my  hands on some Kleancolor polishes for a LONG time now but the only site (their site) had them for almost $3.50 a bottle. Well when Laura from Polish All the Nails posted that she got 20 Kleancolors from a better site, I had to find out where! And so I made my order for all the Chunky Holos they had to offer plus a few others. Lol. You can pick them up from for $1.75 ea! Their turnaround was super fast too!

L-R: Chunky Holo Candy, Poppy, Fuchsia, Scarlet

L-R: Chunky Holo Clover, Teal, Bluebell, Purple, Black

L-R: My Rightful Throne, Holo Green, Holo Blue, Holo Chrome

And that's all! I do have a couple of polishes coming my way from The Hungry Asian and All That Glitters, but that's all I've bought recently! I'm going to try to be good for a while. At least until another indie polish maker restocks shop...

Until next time, my lovelies~ :)

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