Monday, July 4, 2016

Fourth of July Manicure

Happy Fourth of July!

The manicure I did for today was definitely a test of patience. Lol.

I have dabbled with nail vinyls once before and didn't have a huge issue, however, this time I was about to give up if the 3rd time I went to use them wasn't going to work.

I couldn't decide what to do for this year's 4th. After scouring Youtube for hours, I finally just did something simple and went with stars and stripes with a dotticure accent nail. Lesson learned, I am not good at dotticures at all. I have a horrible time figuring out placement and I always tend to overdo it. It still came out okay but it's not something I'm very good at.

 For this mani, I  used several polishes. Blue - Bettina with a Zoya holographic layered on top. Red is a Zoy with a drugstore brand "holo" layered on top. White accent is Glitter Gal with OPI layered on top for opaqueness. The white for the stripes is a Sinful Colors striping polish and the white for the stars is the same Glitter Gal polish. The silver holo glitter is China Glaze from the Color Pop collection. (I'll look up the names later.)

Hope you enjoyed! Have a safe and happy Fourth of July! :)

<3 nailbrite.

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