Friday, September 7, 2012

Rainbow Honey — The Worst Possible Thing

So I know in my last post, I showed you guys Essie Barefoot in Blue. 

I felt that it was lacking something and I was also kind of dying to try out my new Rainbow Honey polishes. So I layered The Worst Possible Thing on top of it. :) Of course, just as with Barefoot in Blue, these are not entirely color accurate. -_-

The above is 2 thin coats of Rainbow Honey The Worst Possible Thing over Essie Barefoot in Blue.

This is a gorgeous mix of glitter in a periwinkle tinted base. Application was okay. I did find the formula on TWPT to be a little thick, not sure if some thinner would help but I'm sure it would.

You can purchase Rainbow Honey polishes from their website for $10 for full size (15ml) and $5 for mini size (7ml).

Until next time~ :)

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