Monday, July 16, 2012

The Hungry Asian — Bar Fight

So today's post kind of sucks.

Taking pictures of super dark polishes in a lightbox is apparently something I'm not good at. And obviously didn't realize how bad I was at it until I took this mani off and looked at the pictures.

The Hungry Asian Bar Fight is an awesome black sheer jelly based polish packed with bright blue micro glitter. I love Kae's polishes and am SO SAD that I took such horrible pictures of this polish. Lol. Let it be known that this is so much more awesome in person than what my pictures show.

This is 2 thin coats of Bar Fight over black. Great application, though it does eat top coat so a coat of Gelous may be in order before you use a fast dry topcoat like Seche Vite.

You can purchase Kae's polishes at her Etsy store. Minis are $4.50 and full sized are $9.25. She always has stock so you don't have to worry about crazy openings. Hehe.

Until next time~ :)

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